Daily Demolition Report: Oxford Trio

The party’s over on the Katy Freeway. And no more Smithwick’s at Mr. C’s. Assorted demos are splayed below:


Commercial Structures


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  • Does this mean Ciro’s not on the chopping block?

    I know to some posters on this site that would be a relief.

  • I’ve been wondering when those three on Oxford would come down. Owners were probably hanging on in case they could grab some hurricane damage. It’s got to only be a matter of time now before there are no shotgun houses left in the Heights.

  • Even the Specs across the parking lot from La Fiesta is moving across the fwy to the new HEB center that is going up. My son loved to go the La Fiesta on his lunch break on Sundays and watch football while he ate very marginal tex mex.

  • I see that one of this trio on Oxford mysteriously caught fire on Friday night.