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  • I need to drive by Shaw’s on West Gray tonight.
    I’m not sure how they are demolishing one store within an interconnected strip mall…

  • We will worship like the Druids,
    Drinking strange fermented fluids,
    Dancing naked in the wo-ods,
    It’s good enough for me!

  • I guess they have already used “Dunstan Checks Out”.

    I am also currious about that strip mall. I thought I saw SW Paints doing some remodeling a few months ago.

  • The Dunstan address is the little red building that clung to the NE corner of the former Sonoma/now Hanover development in Rice Village. Sure wish I knew the whole story behind that one.

  • Click on the Shaw’s address and it maps the 4-plex across the street and adjacent to their existing parking lot.

  • Yes. 1021 West Gray is on the south side of the street. The pawn shop and other tenants are on the north side of the street. That whole intersection seems ripe for redevelopment. Boat dealer on the big lot on the NW corner. Donuts and pawn shop on a big lot on the SW corner. Four plex and parking on the SE corner. No of that seems like the highest and best use of that land.