Daily Demolition Report: Recycle America

12435 Overcup Dr., Long Meadows, Houston

Gotta assume that waste will be laid waste.


Commercial Structures


Photo of 12435 Overcup Dr.: HAR

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  • How do you acquire the demolition lists you publish? Is there a link you could share.

  • @jAY, you’re looking for the CoH online permits site: http://www.houstonpermittingcenter.org/city-of-houston-permits/online-permits.html
    You can search for sold permits by various criteria (one criterion at a time), and then, once you have the job number, you can search for status of the job and any red or green tags it may have.

  • Just beginning my search for information and thought this could be a good place to ask a question. Any guidance is appreciated.

    Is there a way to determine if developers have their eyes on our neighborhood for new construction in the next few years? We’re weighing our options between rebuilding, selling, or renting our current home.

    We currently live in the Braesvalley neighborhood – just west of Maplewood – in SW Houston. To my knowledge there have been no recent home tear-downs for new home development. We assume all the new home building that is taking place in Maplewood, Meyerland and areas east of us, will eventually move to our neighborhood. But when, we wonder.