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  • There goes the neighborhood. What will Montrose be without it’s antique shops and quirky coffee shops and restaurants?

  • miss_msry, how often did you shop there? I always like hearing people complain about a business closing yet cannot tell me the last time they were there….

  • what will a residential neighborhood be without it’s inappropriate random commercial businesses sprinkled in?

    i know i would hate to see my residential neighborhood ONLY be homeowners with families, and not have the occasional antique store, palm reader, or chicken processing plant (in my case) nearby…

  • Too bad that within a mere 500 ft radius of this solid house there are plenty structures which deserve much more to be demolished.

  • Montrose is dying a slow death, one townhome at a time.

  • @JCK,

    BTW, by looking at Tricon’s “Past Projects” Hall of Fame, we can already clearly imagine how the new construction at the Fairview-Woodhead corner will look like:


  • I live near here and I cannot wait to see the townhomes that will go up in place of this building. Just kidding! Hey, townhome developers! Is there ANY OTHER design to choose from? They all look alike. Boring.

  • Maybe it will be another crazy modern house like the one they are building a block up.

  • Oooh, front loaders, lovely…… NOT!

  • That crazy looking house by Walgreens that’s built facing an awkward direction? What is up with that place!