Daily Demolition Report: Rolla Way Out

Garage, 901 Heights Blvd., Houston Heights

Just can’t have it anymore. Got to let go.


Commercial Structures


Photo of 901 Heights Blvd. garage: HAR

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  • Hmm… no Dairy Land.

  • I’m glad to see it’s only the garage that’s going at 901 Heights Blvd. The house not that property was built in 1910 but was gutted before it was sold. I hope the new owner restores the house.

  • @Michelle: The new owner of 901 Heights did apply with HAHC to demo the house in order to build a 3700 sq ft new house. I do not think that the application ever made it to a vote. I do not know whether the owner still intends to pursue the demo permit with HAHC or not.