Daily Demolition Report: Saving the Best

A Gold Creek streak and some good old fashioned Heights knockdowns round out today’s assortment of demo delights:


Commercial Structures


Photo of 1841 Sul Ross St.: HAR

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  • Oh no, did the elderly gentleman who lived at the house pictured die? If so my condolences to the family.

    The house was a little eccentric but he was pleasant and always had the greatest classic cars.

  • Looks like more townhouses on the way via “5177 Builders Ltd”. I live around the corner and always wondered what story was with this place….

  • I always thought this one of the coolest houses in the hood.

  • fondly remembered as “the wacky shack”

    once a gathering place for downtown bike couriers in the mid 90s and upstairs home of a buffalo man who wrote a fiction about the giant mouth…

    cannabis, beer, wine, art, fear, love.

  • The fellow who has owned this sweetly distinctive clubhouse and the adjoining home on Driscoll since at least the ’80s has a homestead elsewhere. He may not be the gentleman who resided here, though.