Daily Demolition Report: School of Hard Knocks

Beating all these buildings to a pulp has been a real education for us.


Commercial Structures


Photo of 5559 Holly Springs Dr.: HAR

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  • 9002 Ferris is breaking my heart.

  • Another mod bites the dust.

  • Benjy, I agree. It’s a gem.

  • serious question…

    as the number of 1 story ranch houses in tanglewood dwindles to what is now only about 20% of the market, does this type of product ever carry in ITSELF a premium for being a certain “historic” structure? or is the value of these houses always going to be simply a function of their dirt value? and if they are renovated enough for entry level tanglewood families (like mine) to live in, is there a value to be established there? the answer is probably as suggested.

    i realize that ultimately these houses are saddled with 8′ ceilings and outdated wiring/plumbing, but it’s still a 1:4 coverage ratio housing product, where you want to be, surrounded by the schools you want to send your kids to, and spending $1.25 to buy it and $250,000 to renovate it (to the studs)

  • The lots are too big in Tanglewood to ever see any intrinsic value of an original ranch house carry the day over what a builder is willing to pay to do a 5000-6000 sq ft mansion. In Tanglewood you can build huge and still have room for a pool or garden in back. So, they will always be sought after regardless of what condition the original ranch home is in. The better deal is in Briargrove. An original ranch home that has been updated will have value in excess of lot value because you will not see as significant a gain in sq ft with a tear down/new build.

  • Something terrible must have happened to the Ferris house between Oct ’12 and May ’13 as seen in the two sets of linked photos.

    The May ’13 photos do not even include the interior and the outside has yellow ‘caution’ tape around it.

    According to HCAD, there was a remodel in 2012. How in the world does deterioration happen that quickly?

  • 9002 Ferris was purchased last fall by a “builder” who attempted to “remodel” but failed to obtain approval from the Meyerland Community Improvement Association before he began. He had plans to turn what was a gem of a MCM into a two story “traditional.” He proceeded to gut the entire house to the studs, and tear the roof off. At that point the neighborhood came in and asked to see his plans, permits, etc. When they learned he was attempting to build a two story structure in the deed restricted utility easement and setback they made him cease and desist. Then he sold the shell of the house and the lot for around $50k more than he paid for the original structure.

    The house had the potential to be restored into an MCM beauty, although it also had two terrible additions that had been added to the rear (and into the aforementioned setback and easement). Sad to see it destroyed, but happy to see the HOA protect the setbacks and easements.

  • Pye,
    Wow! You’re right. I originally only looked @ that first set of photos.