Daily Demolition Report: Self Wreckage

102 Heights Blvd., Houston Heights

Swamplot’s Daily Demolition Report lists buildings that received City of Houston demolition permits the previous weekday.

What empty foolishness it is to care for what must one day be dispersed to air.


Commercial Structures


Photo of 102 Heights Blvd.: Yelp

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  • Wow, that storage place isn’t even 10 years old. County clerk’s records say they incorporated at that location in 2007 or 2008.

  • Whaaaaaaatttt??? That is cool. I wonder what they are going to put in there. It would be nice to see them combine that lot with the old recycling center behind it, that the laundry place owns.

    I’m guessing townhomes…what do you guys think? It is still way too close to the train tracks for my taste. You guys know those ones directly beside the track sold for a bunch of $$$ a few years back.

    That area is really changing fast. I can’t wait to come back to Houston in like 20 years and see what the whole area looks like!

  • There’s a giant proguard across the street thats probably closer to 10 yrs old. This one pictured is older…

  • Def not town homes, the price and setback would eat you up. HCAD has it going back to Wellington, maybe investment, retail or vertical.

  • I will tell myself that the self-storage boom is in decline!

  • Old school…that is cool. A few stores in that area really increases the walkability. I didn’t know that memorial hermann was doing something with that building across from kroger. Last I heard it was some type of retail apartment thing… Anyway, I am at almost a year and a half not living there so I must be behind the times.

  • The TV ‘reality’ shows about the storage units have emptied them and left the buildings to be demolished.