Daily Demolition Report: Smokin’ Papa Joe

529 Omar St., Woodland Heights, Houston

No need to burn when you can crush.


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Photo of 529 Omar St.: HAR

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  • Saw this biking to work this morning, What a shame, this was a beautiful old home, and I thought this was in the “historic” part of my neighborhood. One block away, on the corner of Highland they have saved the house for now but torn out the beautiful gardens, including an amazing rare cactus. It just makes my blood boil that these developers have turned a neighborhood into a boom town for venture capitalists. I have a good idea who’s name will be seen on the realtors signs!

  • I know that home on 529 Omar st looked like it would have been a lot of work to renovate, but it had good bones. With the right buyer this house could have been very much like the home that recently sold on 825 Bayland Ave just down the street: http://www.har.com/homevalue/825-Bayland-Ave-Houston-77009-M79240380.htm

    Now we will have another 4,000 sq ft faux-craftsman mcmansion with the room over the driveway to eek every last sq ft out while simultaneously permanently blocking out the sunlight from the neighbors.

  • Wow, the featured home looks awful inside, but also maintained.

  • @laiall – yeah, I think those “sky box” rooms over the driveway look ridiculous. Some genius was like “hey, I want a carport AND another room… BINGO!” No matter how they dress up those spindly support columns, the whole house ends up looking lopsided.

  • You guys are amusing. We all have opinions of what we want out of our neighborhood but must realize if we are not willing to purchase the property and do with it as we wish, we are not the ones who decide. Petty comments on the internet are not a way to change the world, change by example, by doing. The developers have figured something out in our lovely neighborhood that offends you – it’s your turn to figure out a way to do what you would like with properties you would like to see remain deteriorating in their original condition. Or whatever you want them to be.

    The property is protected by HAHC and the owners will have to work within their confines to renovate it. Your Mayor has your back. Right?

    FYI, a skybox room is not an architectural term but a porte cache is, which has its history in 18th and 19th century larger homes. Some of the historical homes on Heights Blvd. have this original feature.

  • IMHO what’s annoying are opinions that are both ignorant and condescending. When quotation marks are used around a word this often denotes that someone is coining a new term so I would beg to argue that “skybox” is actually an architectural term now. I actually prefer “skybox” to “faux cochere” as I was calling these things that pose as a porte cochere (as many just hang over a driveway without a door below). But “porte cache”, now that’s good as it has the ring of a cash register! FYI, traditionally a porte cochere not only covers a door but rarely has a room above. They were most often accompanied by a semi circular drive and a large lawn as their function was to allow the chauffer to let guests out in a protected area close to the house, rather than parking on the side of the road and making the guests trek through the lawn. If you don’t believe me, look it up: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Porte-cochère.

    How do you know that the “petty comments” are not from people who have offered “change by example” and “by doing”?
    BTW what property are you speaking of renovating? The house and everything around it was flattened. I guess if I am concerned about the eventual extinction of elephants, I should just go to Africa and buy them all.

    P.S., Opinions are like you know whats when they are from people who hide behind a moniker instead of using their real name.

  • @Opinions Are-like-you-know-whats: I am currently renovating and living in a 1920s bungalow and plan to start investing in more once my own home is finished. I am indeed practicing what I preach. I guess since I’m not able to purchase every single property I’d like to see renovated I’m not entitled to an opinion? Please. Btw, noone was talking about buying a property to see it “remain deteriorating in their original condition”. If you had clicked my link you would have seen an almost identical original home that was fully restored and sold for a $1 million a couple months ago. I was going to reply to your misinformed idea of a porte-cochère, but it looks like Robert Proctor already took care of that for me.

  • “Petty comments on the internet are not a way to change the world”

    Whatever, kettle. Sorry about your ugly skybox house. .