Daily Demolition Report: Stanford, Oxford, Kingsbury

1404 Stanford St., Montrose, Houston

No matter how humble, you must always maintain pride in your contributions and removals.


Commercial Structures


Photo of 1404 Stanford St.: HAR

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  • Disappointing but totally on par for Houston. Womp womp. (You can see all of the monstrosities bordering it.)

  • Oh my God. I lived at 1404 Stanford back in the day. From the kitchen, living and enclosed sun porch was an unobstructed view of the Enron building AND it actually had a decent sized backyard, an amazing back deck and off-street parking. So sad!

  • Wow. What a pretty building.
    *insert typical reason I think these things are sold to be blow up here*

  • That was a gorgeous house on Stanford, beautiful brickwork and well built making way for stucco doucheplexes.. Ugh Houston STOP tearing down history.