Daily Demolition Report: Starbucked

2324 South Blvd., Greenbriar, Houston

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Commercial Structures


Photo of 2324 South Blvd.: HAR

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  • Starbucks must have bought the commercial strip center on Durham to knock it down and build a store there – an actual Starbucks was not torn down.

  • There hasn’t been a Starbucks there that I can remember, only outdated shops that stayed empty…are you sure they’re not tearing it down to build a Starbucks?

  • South Blvd: BRB, crying forever.

  • That lovely little South Blvd house is just going to get replaced with a McMansion–a negative for everybody except the homeowner. At least in unrestricted areas you’re getting more density and eventually walkability. This is why I oppose single family restrictions… they don’t truly “protect the neighborhood”, they just end up making everything look like cookie cutter suburbia.

  • Now that is just sad….

  • That house on South was under 1400 sq ft and was a 2-1. Anyone who thinks it would stay like that forever has no clue about the economics of property in that area. And, let’s assume there were restrictions that prohibited demolition or any real additions (sort of like the Heights Historic travesties), then the value would be minimal. It is hard to live in a house that small these days. I know, mine is 20 sq ft bigger. No closets to speak of, no pantry space, no place for coats, vacuum cleaners, or seasonal items, etc.

  • Ross, your post just showed up as a collection of dollar signs on my screen. Is that how it looks on everyone else’s screen?

  • The South Blvd house is gorgeous but I agree with Ross, it’s an unrealistic size in that neighborhood. South Blvd is one of the nicest streets in Houston full of gigantic houses. That house would probably survive if it was in the Heights. It’s a shame they couldn’t add on to it because it really is a cute and charming house. Hopefully they put up something tasteful in its place (although I rarely see new construction that I would classify as tasteful).