Daily Demolition Report: Swift Removal

Swamplot’s Daily Demolition Report lists buildings that received City of Houston demolition permits the previous weekday.

It’s bedtime for these bedrooms:


Commercial Structures


Photo of 3823 Childress St.: HAR


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  • Who bought the Freedman property on Waverly? What will become of it? No — wait — let me guess — townhouses in the floodplain?

  • An entity known as HEIGHTS LANDOWNERS LLC with an address in Baton Rouge began buying up lots on Waverly and W 6th in 2014. They had them replatted into a single account at the beginning of 2018. They now own about 8.65 acres, which consists of the entire length of Waverly between W 6th and the bike trail, west to where Patterson would cut through if you extended it north across the bayou.

    The 12 acres west of there extending to Shepherd, which used to be warehouses, also changed hands this year, but that owner has a Houston address. I wouldn’t be surprised to see about 20 acres of mid-rise apartments and townhome farms pop up.

  • They are trying to punch Patterson to the north and call it an extension of the Heights. There was an apartment group looking at the Baton Rouge tract a while ago.