Daily Demolition Report: Terrace Attack

Look out for the smaller homes in the nicer neighborhoods. Those are the ones they tend to go for.


Commercial Structures


Photo of 334 Yale St.: HAR

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  • Look at the beautiful proportions in these old neglected houses. They’re small, and impractical and run down, but as examples of how to compose a fine balanced façade, there are no contemporary rivals.

  • I drive this little house all the time on Yale Street and have always loved it. It reminds me of a favorite childhood book, “The Little House.” Unfortunately, it doesn’t look like this little house will be saved as the big city grows up around it…


  • Most old homes also ‘fit’ their lots with pleasing proportions. (big trees necessary for shade & the yards accommodating vegetable gardens, etc)

  • @ Sadz:

  • Aw, man, I drive by that house all the time. Too bad-I bet the flooring in that house would be pretty nice to recycle. And some of that old growth pine shiplap. I have seen rustic tables and such made out of that stuff.

  • Wow, it’s finally getting torn down. I’ve watched it slowly degrade over the years, and held a slight glimmer of hope it would be restored when the fresh paint went up on the fornt and permits showed up in the window. I’m sorry to see it go.