Daily Demolition Report: That’s the Breakswood

4415 Breakwood Dr., Willow Meadows

Swamplot’s Daily Demolition Report lists buildings that received City of Houston demolition permits the previous weekday.

Houses will come through in one piece once again.



Photo of 4415 Breakwood Dr.: HAR

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  • RIP 1232 Overhill… you sheltered me my whole childhood, raised me inside your walls and were the site of almost a dozen giggling teenage girls crammed into one tiny bedroom for multiple sleepovers. Christmas morning your walls danced with color from the large tree filling the corner of your tiny living room, presents spilling out and covering all the nearby surfaces. So many slammed doors reverberated through you as my sister and I fought like only siblings can. I crept out your front windows more than once to sneak off and meet a boyfriend. You were a modest sunny yellow little 2 bedroom, 1 bath home that stood for 70 years before someone decided it would be better to fill your spacious yard, where we played fetch with our dogs and football with friends, with an overpriced and monstrously huge house.

  • Why would someone tear down the Breakwood house? It’s lovely.

  • @ marmer, the Breakwood house in is a neighborhood that has suffered repeated flooding.

  • Tawnya, grew up in a small house with 2 sisters and a brother on the North side. It’s funny to talk to people that have 2 kids in a 2800 ft house and 3 toilets. They just don’t know what to do. Im with you on your description. Go Durkee Dolphins!

  • Sorry, @Tawnya, a sub 900 square foot house is just not viable these days. We live (3 of us) in a 1400 sq ft 2-1, and it’s really only livable because we have a very large garage to store all of our seasonal and outdoor stuff.

  • Maybe “someone” decided to build a new house there because that is the way the house was listed (by you)?

    Perfect lot to build your dream home! Zoned to award winning Oak Forest elementary and 1 block from schools, shopping, restaurants and more. Walking distance to 2 parks. Do not disturb owner or walk property.