Daily Demolition Report: The Assessment of Children

They can’t build ’em faster than we can knock ’em down — can they?


Commercial Structures


Photo of Village Plaza, 5925 Kirby Dr.: Swamplot inbox

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  • Anybody have any more info on the first location? Just repaving the parking lot around that Mattress Giant?

  • @Rodrigo, did you see the link that says “more info”?

  • I see the link, but I don’t see anything about the Harris County Sherrif’s Office. What’s the deal there?

  • 4833 Kingfisher Dr. fell to the excavator on Monday the 25th.

  • The house in Tanglewood being torn down is a shame. Free country, people can do as they please, but tearing down a 6,800 square foot house that has obviously been appreciated, updated, and lived in would not be the way I would approach it, even with limitless funds.

    I can say 20% of the ranch houses around town from the 50s-70s are not worth keeping, so tear-downs are ok with me, but it’s a case by case example. This is not grandma’s house with the shag carpet and sunken foundation…this is a beautiful home that will be taken and never replaced around town. I hope the buyers will at least build something that is inspired and special in its place.

  • @firehat: The Sheriff’s office was listed on the permit. They’re connected with the Children’s Assessment Center.

  • @Gus & Firehat: The sherrif’s office is staying put. A portion of the building is currently being remodeled. They will move into the new space (in the same building) when it is complete.

  • Totally agree jg. how often do we see a tastefully appointed home on SL!?