Daily Demolition Report: The Ella Square Deal

A sizable chunk of a just-north-of-610 apartment complex crashes to the ground, along with some littler residences scattered about town:


Commercial Structures


Photo of 5319 Jackson St.: HAR

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  • Yay, so glad to see that eyesore apartment complex go. Now they just need to bulldoze the decrepit 50s strip center shopping plaza across the street. Sparing the awesome Shipleys, of course.

  • Jro:

    You are misaligned a few blocks. The apartments are on Ella just a block N of 610. Shipley’s is N of 34th, S of the tracks.

    But agreed – the “shopping center” between the Shipley’s and the tracks would be a welcome addition to this list.

  • Speaking of that area, can anyone corroborate the news that the 18th Street HEB is moving to the old Food Land building at the railroad tracks on Ella?

  • I grew up in Oak Forest in the 50’s and 60’s and I actually remember that apartment complex being built and had friends who lived there when it wasnt considered a slum. I recently passed by and thought to myself how much money the owner must have made over the years because it looked still well occupied. Guess the land value finally exceeded the cash flow value. As for the other shopping center, it has always struck me as a shame that whoever owned it never tried to upgrade it. It brings back fond memories, especially Ida’s Bakery which closed in the early 80’s when Ida passed. It is still the second best bakery I have found in Houston after Three Brothers. Why is it that structures being demolished bring such fond memories.

  • Rumor has it that these apartment are being demolished to make room for a Walgreen’s/CVS.

    Property was recently sold for approx $10,000/door. Although sold completely vacant, it was sold for extremely cheap on a per/sf basis.

  • Oh, how I would love to have an HEB in the former Food Land spot. The Kroger’s on 43rd has become too busy and needs some good competition in the Oak Forest area.

    I’m also happy to see Ella Square torn down. With the re-building and modernization of the McDonald’s next door, that area is coming back to life.

  • Please don’t take the Shipley’s away. That donut shop serves the best hot donuts in all of Houston.

  • No doubt! That Shipley’s must draw folks from miles around. Theres almost always a long line of cars, often extending out onto Ella. I am always amazed too at the long lines late at night…who eats donuts at 11pm? I guess they’re night shift workers.

    Yep, they need to re-do that whole shopping plaza and center it around that Shipleys, providing tons of drive-thru space :)

  • Anyone have an idea what is going into the newly available spot where the Ella Square aparments once stood? I heard Carl’s BBQ was looking at it….