Daily Demolition Report: The Fall of the House on Stuart

What??! I said only a little, off the top.



Photo of 3811 Grennoch Ln.: HAR

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  • The Grennoch home has been a rental for many years. The owners moved out of state and rented it for a long time. Presumably waiting to get bigger bucks. Which they have now gotten!

  • Oh, today’s demolition headline and tagline are groaners. Love them.

  • My wife and I rented the Grennoch house for two years. It was the first place that we lived in together after we got married. Lots of fun memories there. I even put that star up on the front of the house, just needed a little something. The management company asked if we would leave it there. Had I known they were going to knock it down, I would have asked the owners if I could have it back. Great neighborhood, I miss living there.