Daily Demolition Report: The West Hollowing

Swamplot’s Daily Demolition Report lists buildings that received City of Houston demolition permits the previous weekday.

No room for ghosts — with the old haunts gone.


Commercial Structures


Photo of 2329 Blue Bonnet Blvd.: HAR

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  • RE: 2329 Blue Bonnet Blvd. – Doesn’t look well kept and lots of textured walls likely hiding years of settling but still a damn shame to lose Houston’s architectural history.

  • Am I to understand that the James Elkins house, designed by John Staub, at 101 Farish Circle, Houston, Texas, is being demolished? The house is referred to in Howard Barnstone’s “The Architecture of John F. Staub: Houston and the South” (1979) on page 299 and Stephen Fox’s “The Country Houses of John F. Staub” (2007) on page 327. If so, it’s another Houston architectural tragedy. Any ideas why it’s being demolished?

  • 101 Farish Circle … it’s hard to tell from the Harvey imagery whether it flooded, but it’s awful darn close to the water: https://storms.ngs.noaa.gov/storms/harvey/index.html#19/29.76945/-95.46553

  • RE: 1636 Harold – this is curious as a nearly complete new home is there. Was this a glitch?

  • It’s a Carl Mulvey home that will be missed- incredible architectural details and brick work.