Daily Demolition Report: Timber Terrace

3743 Glen Haven Blvd., Braes Heights, Houston

Here are the scoops. They come after the smashes.



Photo of 3743 Glen Haven Blvd.: HAR

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  • Timber Terrace is the small subdivision off of Memorial near St. Mary’s Seminary which was developed by architect and builder Phillip G. Willard in the 1950s. Willard’s family made their home at the corner of Memorial and Timber Terrace. It used to be full of interesting mid-century houses but has been McMansioned somewhat. Interestingly enough, 610 Timber Terrace seems to be a 1999 McMansion, not the 1955 house it replaced.

  • The University house (built in 1938) looked like it had two lots even though HCAD shows a smaller lot size. Was a pretty little setup with the short-fenced adjacent yard. http://houstonarea.har.com/2213-university-blvd-houston-tx-77030-1126/homevalue_11966802

    The Glen Haven house was huge — 7 bedrooms and 5 baths. Guess the land was the bigger draw.