Daily Demolition Report: Truck Tired

With demos picking up the pace, we just might get everything cleared by the deadline! Here’s some recent progress:


Commercial and Community Structures


Photo of 946 Arlington St.: HAR

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  • Gee! Wasn’t there discussion here about this property and a promise from the new owner, 7677 Homes, that it was to be renovated. This company has also posted in various places that it’s goal is to save as many bungalows as it can. Skeptics questioned that promise. Seems their skepticism was warranted.

  • Here’s the link to the original post from just three months ago.


  • Wait a minute! I thought these guys were going to expand this house!

    What, a builder lie?

    Having watched the Ashland House fall to a bulldozer and greed, I can only wish 7677- or is it 666? ill.

  • Just sad. Where’s “Save The Bungalows”?

  • Prior to selling to them, Could the previous owner have placed a deed restriction on this property that could have prevented it from being demolished in its entirety?

  • Just sad. Where’s “Save The Bungalows”?


    We only save things in Sixth Ward and in Southampton and Boulevard Oaks. Wait, we only save things in Sixth Ward. Bungalows are an endangered species in Southampton and Boulevard Oaks.

  • Yes, David, a seller can ask that a buyer sign a restrictive covenant that would prevent them from demolishing the house and that even require them to rebuild the house to original specifications in the event of a total casualty loss.
    However, most sellers are averse to this if the economic highest and best use of the underlying land is something other than what’s on it because the market price will adjust downward.

  • Save the Bungalows was always about changing laws and they did get minimum lot size and minimum set back for all in- loop neighborhoods, but after that, a big fat wall went up. Mayor Bill was never friendly to nobodies and he and most council members (ALL?) take developer $$$. Even the Heights Association has become anti- preservation; more million dollar homes is their goal and they, too take developer $$$. Historic Disricts are a joke because they have no enforcment power. In short, the battle is over and the developers won.

  • David – The previous owner is a former Height Assoc. Board Member who bought it a few years ago to ‘save’ it, or so they announced.

    But really – why would you want to make it hard to sell your property by placing individual deed restrictions? If the rules don’t cover the whole neighborhood, what is the point?

  • 7677 Home IS remodeling and enlarging this home. The demo permit is for the awkward addition on the back of the home and some of the existing structure to start the remodeling process. The property is under contract and the plans show that most of the existing structure will remain.

  • Pish Tosh – seen this before. How much of the home will be original by the end? My guess is that one window will be salvaged as will some flooring, but the house house will be at least 95% new construction.

    But I vote for you anyway…

  • I live in a bungalow in cottage grove have lived in house since 2005. 7677 bought the house in 8/2006. We have paid our rent on time and have asked SEVERAL times even as short of time as 3 months ago (when I saw land being surveyed next door) if they had plans on doing something with our home. They reassured me no worries the market is bad and we would give you 90 days to 6 month notice before doing that. Told me how well we have always paid, yada yada yada, well guess what found out Saturday they have plans on demolishing the house, only after we had to pay 155.00 so we could have heat, we have a 4 yr old in the house. They gave us 30 days to move (verbally) to move and ofered us “another” house for 200 more a month, and failed to tell me it is listed as being demolished as well. I really thought the men were nice when we met them, but to do this behind our backs when we asked them to please give us alot of notice. Sad thing is, it is Christmas, times are hard, and they have had our house on their website to demolish since September and we never knew it or else we could have had all this time to save money to move. Honesty is nothing to people anymore.

  • Nope, honesty means nothing. I’m sure you’ve heard “truth be told” as well. Karma. That’s all I have to say.