Daily Demolition Report: West End Recycling

Eli’s going. Better hide your house, girl.


Commercial Structures


Photo of 3009 Rosalie St.: HAR

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  • Lightnin’ Hopkins has a song called “Mr. Ditta’s Grocery Store” about a store that was supposedly at the corner of Bastrop and Hadley…just a block away from those shotgun houses. The grocery store is unfortunately long gone.

  • What are they demolishing at 5102 Jason? It’s a vacant lot!

  • Anse – You are correct about Lightin’ Hopkins and the Mr. Ditta’s Grocery song. Lightin’ would write/record songs for money so long as he was paid upfront and Mr. Ditta contracted him to do just that. I have a copy of the song and he does say the store was located at Bastrop & Hadley. I’m not sure the relation exactly, but my grandfather-in-law, who grew up in the East End, was related to the Ditta’s and supposedly used to work in the store as a kid.