Daily Demolition Report: West Graying

Making a lot of way for that new apartment building at West Gray and Waugh. And . . . more:


Commercial Structures


Photo of 233 W. 24th St.: HAR

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  • Nothing says “we’re selling this as a tear down” quite like half of the six photos consisting of new construction, with none of the interior.

  • what’s the story with tavern? last i knew it was always packed. but what do i know, i still miss blue moose and blue agave.

  • the tavern just relocated to milam

  • Google maps shows half that block between W. Gray and Pierce is already cleared. What’s going in that space that takes up a whole block?

  • Something that will no doubt be described as “luxury”. ;)

  • Weren’t the ‘luxury’ Gulfton apartments once considered the in spot for young professionals hunting mates?

  • miss_msry, thank you for putting that breathy “Hi, I’m Michael Pollock, and I want to welcome you…” voice into my head. That, and images of VCRs in swimming pools.

  • Regarding the pic, only in Houston are real Victorians torn down to make way for pseudo Victorians.

  • That house in the pic is one block over from me. I just noticed this morning that it’s gone. I had seen the two houses to the west of it on rails, ready to be moved, but had no idea the white one was coming down. Damn sad. At least someone around here has an original idea, though – the people renovating the old laundromat on the corner of that block into a private residence. It’s about half-done, I think. Can’t wait to see the finished product!