Daily Demolition Report: What We Saw on Narcissus

Will no one rid us of these turbulent homes?


Community Structures


Photo of 862 Fisher St.: HAR

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  • Oh wow, I was wondering when that old building on Rosalie would go! For a long time I couldn’t tell if it just looked like that because it was a haunted house….

  • For me it’s sad to see that building on Rosalie go, as my mother grew up in that place. I have a pic of it from 1933 when she posed outside of it before going to receive her First Communion.

    I was always kinda hoping it would stand there forever.

  • Windward Court. It’s listed in the apartments section of a 1927 city directory I found online somewhere. Bye bye… It was still standing this afternoon at 4:30 when I rode by. Maybe I’ll watch its demo out the window from next door, whenever it happens.

  • I have passed by several homes in the areas of Trinity Gardens and Sunnyside which showed a glaring yellow or red Checkmark (about 6 ft by 6ft)
    and I wonder what they mean?
    The houses are all boarded. Does this mean they are subject to demolition? Perhaps scheduled? Curious.

    Thank you

  • Martin-I’m sorry for you that it’s going away-it’s easy to tell it used to be beautiful. I guess that’s the thing-most buildings mean something, to somebody.

  • I can hear the demo from my office. :-(

    Can’t see it, though, because of an inaccessible balcony that runs around our building.

  • It makes me sad that Houston can’t manage to maintain and preserve its history.

    “For investment purposes, Watkin designed and built an apartment house – the Windward Court – and a one story commercial block at South Main and Isabella (1928).”

    (William Ward Watkin exhibit at Rice)

    Please note I include “maintain” in there, because if Windward Court had been maintained, it probably wouldn’t need demoing. I have looked at it every day for 10 years and have watched its deterioration to its inevitable demolition. Meanwhile, a few blocks away is a fairly well-maintained apartment building of the same vintage with a historical plaque and full occupancy.