Daily Demolition Report: White House Down

Swamplot’s Daily Demolition Report lists buildings that received City of Houston demolition permits the previous weekday.

The end of Buffalo Bayou’s White House — the former headquarters of Caudill Rowlett Scott, long gone to the dogs:


Commercial Structures


Photo of Gulf Coast Veterinary Specialists (former CRS building): YellowBot

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  • I remember touring the CRS building in the early ’80s while an architecture student. I was amazed. Did it flood during Harvey?

  • Yes it did:
    What a shame, it looks like a beautiful building who design responded to its site to a far greater extent than a typical Houston office building. Still, hard to justify rebuilding when water apparently completely submerged the two main floors.

  • Two less affordable housing units in the Heights. I wonder where the former residents relocated? Does their new residence have as nice of a school for their children?

  • I remember visiting the GCVS building and thinking it was bound to flood. I couldn’t figure out how they planned to manage that.

  • @GlenW,

    The lot value for those two homes made this pretty inevitable in my opinion. From the outside, it didn’t appear a whole lot of maintenance was ongoing at either house.

  • Pretty sure Beeson bought the vet office. It has his Waugh address. Wouldnt be a bad site for a Davis type midrise overlooking the park and bayou.

  • Ugh-not more Randall Davis abominations!

  • I worked for CRS in 1977-78. It was my first job in Houston and my first job as an architect. It was an iconic building and an exciting place to be. The view out the lower level windows was totally park setting; you had no idea that a massive multi-lane highway was just outside the building’s entrance.