Digging Out the Maltipoo from Under the House; The Finds at Mathew Knowles’s Yard Sale

View of Texas Medical Center from Outside Memorial Hermann Medical Plaza, S. Main St., Houston

Photo of Texas Medical Center: Russell Hancock via Swamplot Flickr Pool


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  • Way to go HFD!!

  • Poor little guy. Wonder how he got so stuck. What a surprise the homeowners will have.

  • Wow, Colonel Bubbies is gone. I can remember going there from when I was 11 and being totally enthralled over and over again with all of the history and being able to touch and feel it. And smelling the must of it. Its closing is such a loss. But it was not for this world. It was too special, too unique, and it was amazing that it ever existed such as it did.

    I hope that the building is sold to a worthy successor.

  • Couldn’t stand to go into Colonel Bubbies since they let all of the cats take over. Smelled like a cat lady’s house.