Discovered at Disco Kroger: Historic Disco Wall Print

Shopping Disco Kroger on Montrose during its ongoing renovation, reader Derek Brotherton spots a newly uncovered panel of what he “can only imagine” is old wallpaper — above the produce cooler section on the store’s north wall. “There’s still a few panels up,” he writes. “Hopefully they leave them unmolested and cover them up or maybe someone can rescue them for posterity’s sake.”

Photo: Derek Brotherton

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  • I’m on a mission to encourage the Kroger people to consider hanging disco balls in that store once the remodel is complete.

  • They have TOUGH competition with the “Hollywood” Kroger on W. Gray. That store has made amazing improvements. It’s actually a fun place to shop now. Not so sure about disco Kroger. I always get panhandled there.

  • ‘Stina – is there a petition or FB page or something for your effort? Can we also request a DJ both, or at least a curated playlist for the sound system? Maybe get the King of Grief to do a few special Kroger Classic Club Hour sets?

  • Last time I was at disco kroger all they played was house music. Very 2000.

  • I don’t know, when I saw the panels (I think there were multiple) on Saturday, I thought they were part of the new design and not uncovered from bygone years.

  • Earth tones…

  • Early 90’s don’t get too impressed, I saw that as a student at St. Thomas. No biggie.

  • Why does DK smell like the people who shop there?

  • Craig, I think you just answered your own question.

  • Hollywood Kroger? I used to call the West Gray location “Fancy Kroger” until someone on here christened it “Cougar Kroger.”

  • I’ll never forget standing in line at River Oaks Kroger (ROK) waiting to buy ice after Hurricane Ike and hearing the guy in front of me complaining his portfolio had lost $15 million the day before.

    Life is tuff and we are all standing in the same line.

  • My circle refers to the one on West Gray as the “Pretty-People Kroger”.

  • I seem to recall the River Oaks Kroger being referred to as Hot Mom Kroger.

  • Disco Kroger? My friends and I always called it The Freaky Kroger.

    No explanation necessary.

  • I wonder if Kroger knows that everyone calls this store Disco Kroger? The wallpaper just confirms that this will always be Disco Kroger no matter what they do to the interior now.

  • Disco Krog 4ev. I call the West Gray Kroger RO-Kro.

    RO-Kro is always a clusterfuck of people who aimlessly thrust their giant carts to an fro with no regard. I have also been in several grossly awkward human traffic jams deep within the aisles of RO-Kro. Also, the self-scan checkout line is such a joke during peak times.

    But good ole Disco Krog has hosted many scenes that will forever be burned into my mind (namely the incomplete/half dressed cross dressers).