DNA Testing Helping Texas Apartments Deliver Justice To Unscooped Dog Poop

DNA TESTING HELPING TEXAS APARTMENTS DELIVER JUSTICE TO UNSCOOPED DOG POOP Up in Dallas, reports Click2Houston, dozens of apartment complexes are requiring tenants to file their dog’s DNA. That way, any poop that’s not cleaned up can be directed to the proper authorities — that’d be PooPrints, which uses as-seen-on-TV crime-fighting technology to test the waste for DNA and finger any owner who’s not minding his dog’s business. PooPrints CEO Cedric Moses says that his company doesn’t have any contracts yet in Houston, but he has a distributor headquartered in League City who has a nose to the ground. [Click2Houston] Photo: Houston Pooper Scoopers

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  • ? That’s gotta be the most anal (no pun intended), control-freaky, power mad thing I’ve read all year. If I lived in one of those apts, I’d be tempted to leave a non-canine stool just for laughs.

  • What’s the penalty, a flaming bag of poop on your front porch?

  • Good idea, please add cat poop as well. Imagine a half dozen dirty diapers scattered around the yard…

  • We have decades of rape kits waiting for DNA testing and these guys are testing DOG POOP?

  • @commonsense, that’s likely what the management will get often, but the offenders will probably get fined and Spot’s put on probation and has an RFID chip implanted in his anus or soon could be simply followed by a drone.

  • Arent DNA tests— really expensive?

  • I had to read the article twice where it said ” any poop that’s not cleaned up can be directed to the proper authorities”
    For some reason, I kept reading “the pooper authorities”
    hahaha. Must be a Friday afternoon and I’ve been staring at words too long this week.

  • Yes, expensive. But I think it’s just for scares. Maybe they’ll actually test the first dozen… then, the threat alone will do it’s job.
    Anybody work in an office where the IP addresses of internet-streaming scofflaws are published daily?

  • We have cameras in most buildings, if a person walks their dog and lets it crap on property and doesn’t clean it up, it could end up inside their apartment. Just sayin’

  • The losers (and Houston has far too many) who leave their dog’s waste behind in city parks and right-of-ways are the worst. It rarely fails that the douche with the biggest dog is the one who is too much of a wimp to pick up the big load of crap left by his big dog.

    HPD says that enforcing the ordinance is virtually impossible; so how about a new one?

    Instead of trying catch people leaving crap behind in the act; do what some places do – Ticket and Fine them for not having a means of disposing their dog’s waste on them when walking a dog on public land. It can be poop bags, a scooper, whatever the law defines; but if they don’t carry something legitimate – fine the irresponsible a-holes.
    The city, county, and private donors are spending millions upgrading Buffalo Bayou Park and Hermann Park, yet already (especially near the apartments by the Rosemont Bridge) you have to dodge piles of dog waste in too many places. The jerks won’t change their behavior until it hits their bank accounts.

  • Jon – As a keeper of two big dogs I walk leashed and follow with a pooper scooper I agree as long as we are as just harsh with people who let their unleashed, unfixed, in heat, bird killing crap factory cats run wild as well. Fine fine fine them into oblivion.