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  • WTF! I live near that intersection of Studewood and 11th where these “wheat pasters” are active. The only difference between them and the taggers are that the taggers probably have brain damage from the aerosol and not the innate stupidity of the wheat pasters spreading their “art” because they cannot get their art into any gallery shows.

  • @NLR You don’t get out much, do you?


  • There’s a yin and yang component to all street art. Some talented pasters/taggers actually create some good stuff, and the outlaw aspect of it adds buzz, notoriety and ‘street cred’. However, while it’s easy to look at a particularly well-done railroad car or wall and say “Wow, that’s beautiful”, if it were MY railroad car, I’d have you thrown in the slammer. It’s a hazard of the ‘job’.