Dressed Up, Only To Get Messed Up: Is There a Word for It?

2524 McLendon St., Houston

Inspired by the not-so-unusual tale of the house at 2524 McLendon St. in Brentwood (which was apparently renovated, sold, and then demolished just last month), commenter Jimbo posted this challenge to Swamplot readers — which has so far gone unanswered:

Is there a suitable adjective for the activity of renovating a house to flip only to have the new owner demo it immediately?

An adjective? We’d settle for a noun.

It’s not Sisyphean because I’m sure they made money but there must be some fancy Greek mythology parallel for it.

Yeah, try Greek — or maybe Aztec . . . or some term from the mortuary business, or . . . Ayn Rand?

Photo of 2524 McClendon St.: HAR

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  • What about renodemo?

  • Purchasing to sell & buying in order to demolish & thinking mostly of one’s bottom line…
    Think I’ll call that ‘destr..develo..resal..um..progress’ It’s progress. It hurts and reminds us of all our human failings & emotional losses. It haunts us because it’s like an abortion, so much potential just thrown away.

    Oh well.