ExxonMobil’s Effect on the GOOF; The End of the North Shepherd Car Lot Strip

boeing 747

Photo of the Boeing 747 Shuttle Carrier: Christopher Ferguson via Twitter


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  • I can attest to the whole Exxon / Heights, Oak Forest, Garden Oaks connection.
    Have some friends who work for Exxon that currently live in a Heights townhome and are looking to upgrade to a larger house with a yard. They love the area and don’t want to leave. In addition, one works out in Baytown and will continue to have to go out to the refinery (even when the campus is up and running).
    They’re looking now in Oak Forest / Garden Oaks as its a great ‘mid point’ for both of them and it won’t really impact commute lengths from where they are currently. The commutes are roughly 30 minutes to either Baytown or the Woodlands and like the article says, they’re in the opposite direction of most traffic.

  • I realize the Heights is north (barely)–but it’s a bit absurd to say the Exxon campus, in the way North hinterlands would in and of itself increase home values in The Heights–it’s a stretch to say the least–I mean really, you’re going to pick The Heights over Montrose or Eastwood because it’s 1.222 miles closer to the Exxon Campus–I mean, seriously?!!–

  • Never thought about it until I read the article yesterday…but this morning on the way to work (heading west down Pecore from Northwood/near 45) I noticed a bumper to bumper stream of cars heading east on 11th/Pecore towards 45. Hmmm… I don’t recall it being that way in the past. But maybe I just wasn’t paying attention.