For Sale, at Last: Thomas Kinkade Toilet Paper

Or Thomas Kinkade parody toilet paper, to be more precise. After her “Parody of Light” exhibition earlier this year at Diverseworks, Houston artist Patricia Hernandez has taken the next step: selling her signature Thomas Kinkade-plus-freaky-clown prints and clownish collectibles online. Featured item: “The most expensive toilet paper you’ll ever buy,” featuring repeated prints of a Thomas Kinkade original landscape, retouched by the master artist herself to include a squatting clown — presumably going about its business (see detail in also-available color print version, above). Price: just $15 per roll.


Hernandez calls the work, which appears to require an “over” holder mount for full effect, “Morning Missed.” What would the Painter of Light himself call it? Hernandez says she’ll be donating 20 percent of sales to a nonprofit dedicated to supporting alternative artspaces in Houston. Sorry, not (yet) available in malls.

Images: Patricia Fernandez

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