Former Mob Boss to Penthouse Club: Keep Your Pants On

FORMER MOB BOSS TO PENTHOUSE CLUB: KEEP YOUR PANTS ON The Penthouse Club just off Westheimer at 2618 Winrock — shut down by the city a year ago for violating the city’s sexually oriented business ordinance — is reopening this Thursday! But . . . there’ll be no nudity this time, promises the club’s global licensing director. Who owns the club? According to KPRC Local 2 Investigates reporter Robert Arnold, that would be admitted murderer turned government witness Vincent Palermo, the former acting boss of New Jersey’s DeCavalcante crime family: “In addition to the mansion on Memorial Drive, Local 2 found Palermo, now using the last name Cabella, also owns the property that is the Penthouse Club on Winrock Boulevard near Westheimer Road. Harris County records show he also owns the Mexican food restaurant [Ruchi’s Grill] in front of the Penthouse and the [Super Clean] car wash behind the club. State records show a company called “Hereweareagain, inc.” owns and operates the Penthouse Club, and another company called “6430 Westheimer, inc” owns and operates All Stars Cabaret across the street from Penthouse. Palermo’s wife and son are listed on corporate filings for these companies.” [Click2Houston; previously on Swamplot]

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  • I thought the law under which this business was shuttered said it couldn’t be used as a business (of any kind) for a year after it was shut down (regardless of who owned it). It hasn’t been a year yet, has it?

  • Swamplot better be careful or, though it’s never been flooded, might find itself in 10 foot of concrete!

  • Because, you know, what could a former strip club full of women in bikinis POSSIBLY offer their male clientele now?

  • Vincent is about to get wacked. Thanks for blowing the cover Channel Two News.

  • this ordinance is lame.. Gene Locke promised to dismiss the ordinance if he won the election.

  • Dirtyd–please explain, why is it lame? I’m not coming down for or against it–I am genuienly curious about your opinion. The city passed it and it was fought tooth and nail in the courts, but the strip clubs lost. Other cities manage to regulate their SOBs. Is the law badly conceived, or badly executed? What is Gene Locke’s objection?

  • ummm, hmmm, uhhh

    no words.

  • Why can this city regulate land use for SOB’s without putting it to a vote but cannot breathe the word zoning without causing apoplexy?

  • “Vinny Ocean” is selling his Memorial mansion. It is now listed at 3.5M. How much would YOU offer knowing that some mouthbreathing NJ thug might not know Palermo sold it and no longer lives there? I’d knock 3M right off the top. You really oughta amble over to HAR and take a look at this place – over the TOP!


  • The FBI for some reason likes to dump its “witness protection program” participants here. Maybe they fit in better here than elsewhere?

    As for the house, over the top it’s not. Looks more like a starter home for one of the mob kids. Not one of the mob bosses.

    And it has this odd, well, Gallery Furniture touch. Guess Vinnie needed to save some money.

  • If it wasn’t for the wise guys Wich we are you would know when too keep your mouth shut….the difference between us and Texas is y’all talk to much shit, but at the same time you people that bitch about who he is or what he did, goes to his strip club and spend thousands of dollars when you have a wonderful family and a beautiful wife at home… folks shut the he’ll up and chanal 2 news you don’t even know the whole story about this person, worry more about your crooked politicians then this man, I’m all with Vincent there nothing but a bunch of stunads!!!!!

  • Isn’t that the club that serves broken leg of lamb?