Touring the Galleria IV; Naming Katy ISD’s New Football Stadium

Photo: Russell Hancock via Swamplot Flickr Pool


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  • State funding for education: Not mentioned in the article is the robbing hoods provision to redistribute funding from ‘rich’ to ‘poor’ school districts. Your increased property taxes are being used to educate someone else’s kids across the state. The situation is far more screwed up than anyone can imagine.

  • Sad there’s still no “Bork” store in the new Galleria IV.

  • I thought the southern wing with anchors Macy’s and Nordstrom was Galleria IV?? Shouldn’t the new Saks wing be a III, since it technically replaced Galleria III?

  • @Eddie

    I’m not sure the Nordstroms/Foley’s wing ever got a formal “Galleria IV” designation. I guess now it’s the Galleria III, since the old one has been wiped from memory.

  • “Be someone”
    -singed a vandal that spray paints railroad crossings under the cover of darkness

  • hey…… at least he/she’s bein someone…..