Gilley’s La Porte Revival No More; Johnny Steele Dog Park Returns; Spicing Up Galleria VI’s Shuttered Saks

Photo of the Tradition Buffalo Speedway: Russell Hancock via Swamplot Flickr Pool


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  • So many HBJ articles anymore …. is Swamplot getting lazy? If so, I will just go elsewhere, like HBJ, and forget about Swamplot

  • Good article on Jackson St, spent a lot of time there and never knew the history of it. If I’m not mistaken the phone exchange for Montrose was named after the street. JA on a dialpad = 52.

  • I don’t understand the use of “anymore” in WR’s comment. I have colleagues from the Midwest who use the word in a similar fashion. Is it just a Midwestern thing or am I missing something?

  • It’s a word…..

    Definition of “anymore” from the Miriam Webster Dictionary :

    adverb \ any·more \ ˌe-nē-ˈmȯr
    1 : any longer
    I was not moving anymore with my feet —Anaïs Nin
    2 : at the present time : now, nowadays
    Hardly a day passes without rain anymore.

  • WR is using the “positive anymore” (see It’s confusing to people who exclusively use the “negative anymore”. “No one goes there anymore” sounds right to me. “Everyone goes there anymore” sounds awkward. The positive anymore usage isn’t common in Houston.

  • I think the dog park rocks but man does it fill with sand during a flood.

  • Sounds like I was missing something, WR. Thanks for the explanation, Memebag.

  • Are we taking bets on Johnny Steel dog park being flooded again after this weekend rain? If so, I propose an over under on how long it will be closed down after 1 month and an over under on how much money the city has spent repairing this location since its inception ($2 million).