What’s Included in Johnny Steele Dog Park’s Flood-Induced Redo

WHAT’S INCLUDED IN JOHNNY STEELE DOG PARK’S FLOOD-INDUCED REDO The caretakers of that oft-flooded pet park near Buffalo Bayou now say that “After careful consideration, we are making changes to the Johnny Steele Dog Park to improve maintenance operations and the park’s functionality.” Among those changes: getting rid of the pond in the large dog play area, rerouting the pond in the small dog area so that it flows through both sections, adding a “new seating wall” at the edge of the water, expanding the lawns throughout the park, enlarging the entrance to the large dog area, and creating a new entrance to the small dog area — all of which is expected to be done by early summer. [Previously on Swamplot] Photo: Buffalo Bayou Partnership

Releasing the Hounds

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  • Glad they are bringing more lawn back into this. Far too structured and divided.

  • Now announcing the world’s most expensive dog park. Only useable 3 months a year!

  • They should sue whoever designed the first one… what a disaster. They should have just put a fence around the field and called it a day.

  • Don’t worry about the loss of the pond in the big dog area. I’m sure there will be a large pond in that area at least twice a year.

  • Agree with meh 100%

  • Decades ago I used to run my Ridgeback down in that area. I wonder what she would think of it now?

  • Who are the morons who “designed” , then approved construction of this boondoggle? Oh yeah, those idiots @ the COH who delight in wasting OUR tax $$$$. They should live in hell for the waste that is this fiasco !!!