Headlines: Area Wildfire Risks; Fighting Apartment Construction in Sugar Land

Photo of “Elvis” on Allen Pkwy. in last year’s Art Car Parade: Candace Garcia via Swamplot Flickr Pool

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  • Bellaire New Home Showcase This Weekend Will Showcase New Homes in Bellaire [Houston Business Journal]

    Are you serious? I thought it might showcase homes in Memorial Bend.

  • To be fair to that Walnut Bend article, those people are suspicious of pretty much anyone. I was looking at a house for sale in the neighborhood and had a neighbor yell over to me asking what I was doing when I was over looking at the garage (I’m whiter than bread). Some of those folks have some serious paranoia. Of course if I lived close to those crummy apartments along Wilcrest and Briar Forest, I might get a little twitchy too.

  • Well, a neighborhood kid in Walnut Bend had been injured while being robbed of his phone and ipod. The kid said a group of black youths beat him up.

    Yes, the email could have been worded a bit differently but I can see why he put it the way he did.

    Not saying it was right or justified, only that I get it.

    But I do think the HOA guy was right in alerting the residents to be vigilant.