Lawsuit Claims Piney Point Village Is Using Hunters Creek Village as Detention Pond

LAWSUIT CLAIMS PINEY POINT VILLAGE IS USING HUNTERS CREEK VILLAGE AS DETENTION POND A waterflow restrictor the city of Piney Point Village secretly installed in a new stormwater system it shares with Hunters Creek Village is now the focus of 2 separate lawsuits. The latest, filed last week, includes claims that the bricked-up storm drain — narrowing a culvert under Hedwig Rd. connecting the 2 Memorial villages from 36 to about 8 inches — effectively turns Hunters Creek Village into a stormwater storage facility for its downstream neighbor. Piney Point Village officials claim the restrictor prevents Hunters Creek from draining more water from Kemwood Dr. through the new culvert than the 2 municipalities had originally agreed upon. Rainstorms on January 9th and 25th flooded Kemwood with 4 ft. of water, which backed up into residents’ yards. Hunters Creek’s second lawsuit calls the narrowing of the culvert “deliberate sabotage” put in place to force the city to sign off on a drainage study. [Memorial Examiner] Photo of Kemwood at Hedwig Rd.: Rusty Graham

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  • The greatest concentration of money outside of river oaks in Houston and they still can’t solve their drainage issues.

    And heaven forbid that someones landscaping gets mussed.

  • Since Hunter’s Creek is apparently the downstream village it must feel like it’s getting flooded with “the other guy’s” runoff.

  • I seen where 77024 was the richest per capita zipcode outside of greenwhich. ANybody seen that? I heard houses selling like crazy in this neighborhood. Most houses have pools IIRC.

  • Tsk, tsk….white people problems…

  • 1. Piney point and Harris County paid for the drainage culvert to the tune of 5.5 million each. Hunters Creek paid nothing.
    2. The culvert drains (a) 60-70 acres of Hunters Creek. In addition Piney Point has diverted 200 cubic feet per second into the culvert, reducing flood events in Hunters Creek.
    3. The original intralocal agreement concerning the pipe permits drainage for the northern part of Piney Point Village and 60-70 acres of Hunters Creek, including only two houses on Kemwood which naturally drained west toward Hedwig. Other properties in Hunters Creek naturally drained east and south.
    4. Without agreement or consultation and for all drainage of Kemwood and Timberglen streets, Hunters Creek excavated and installed new pipes altering the drainage from an easterly flow to a westerly flow into the Piney Point pipe. Hunters Creek refused to provide information or seek permits from Piney Point to connect to the Piney Point culvert until the project was completed.
    5. Hunters Creek refuses to meet, discuss, and agree on a mutually beneficial approach to Harris County Flood Control re flooding event issues.
    6. Hunters Creek residents need to hold responsible their city council and mayor for spending $600,00 (guesstimate) on a city drainage project without legal right to the property it took, and for the $600,000 (guesstimate) it is now spending on legal fees to defend its actions.