Headlines: Ashby Highrisers Parting Ways; Marfreless Selling Itself Off

Photo of JPMorgan Chase Mural: elnina via Swamplot Flickr Pool

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  • when i saw that pic i thought there would be a story about how that mural is going to be lost when the houston club building is demolished.

  • Linbeck pulls out of Ashby for technical reasons? From what I gather from the article, Linbeck wanted to play too nice with the neighbors during construction, but Ashby developers wanted to ram it forward at full speed.
    If I were Ashby developers I’d hire a 24 hour Mariachi band with out of tune instruments to remind the busybodies that I won’t bend over for their crap.

  • Linbeck may be giving a face saving reason for the pull out – I have a suspicion they wouldn’t walk away from that large of a PAYING job. Will be interesting to see how this falls out.