Daily Demolition Report: Recycling Binz

Time to break these up into bite-size pieces:



Photo of 4601 Floyd St.: HAR

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  • Surely that Floyd house could be moved to some other lot.

  • Please tell me that they’re gonna let a salvager into that Floyd house. Those transom doors and pocket doors need a new home.

  • Seriously. Without knowing anything about the house on Floyd, I don’t know that I’ve ever been more disgusted by this city’s wanton destruction.

  • What a nice place, shame they will tear it down. Probably will put up more multi unit condos, we need more of those we have not made Houston look like a bee hive yet, but soon…

  • This is an early teardown of the year candidate. Remove the wallpaper and folksy clutter and that’s just a gorgeous house on a huge lot.

  • Even with the “folksy clutter” it’s lovely! Not my taste but obviously someone put a ton of time and love into this place. So sad.

  • I wanted to make an evenhanded comment about the inevitability of townhome construction in Rice Military, can’t save em all, etc. But, then I saw the wrap around porch in the last photo on HAR.com. Oh the humanity!!!!

  • Yeah, that’s a crying shame, and so is the value of that land.

  • That Floyd house is lovely. So much more character than the cookie-cuter home or condos that will no doubt be built there. Such a shame.

  • This house is down the street from us. It is indeed a shame and yes, crappy townhomes are replacing it. The builder, they say, will salvage, but who knows. Beautiful hardwood floors. 10,000SF lot, at least 5 or 6 crappy, poorly made THs for $550,000 will replace it. UGH!

  • Old HAR listing for the Floyd house. Built in 1906, looks well maintained and beautiful. How is this not protected as a historic Houston home being over 100 years old?


  • Wow. That house is about as Southern as you can get!

  • Salvage yeah sure. Like they promised to salvage the old yellow Victorian at the 1500 block and Hyde Park cul de sac back in 2000. When it was torn down the builders said “ooops we forgot to tell the contractor not to tear it down”. So much for a promised kept. Bastards!

  • I suspect that the wraparound porch went down the side of the house to the back and that the central hallway from front door to back could be opened in the summer for the breezes. Later the back porch was enclosed (hence the cheap paneling) and that is why the “breezeway” dead ends on what should be the back porch.

  • I want the house on Floyd! Why would anyone want to tear this down? Why can’t I have more money, I would buy it in a heartbeat!

  • This house’s doom was sealed when the house on the lot next door was torn down, and the owners of this house bought it and combined the two. With a selling price of $600k, there’s no way it doesn’t become townhomes. The land is worth too much to do anything else.

  • So much for those who claim Houston is a city that believes in historic preservation.

  • This house was built in 1906!
    What is wrong with this town?!

  • Well that ruined my night.

    Feel free to let Lifetime Builders know what you think of their choice by reaching them at their publicly-listed information:
    (832) 553-7575 / inquiries@lifetimehomes.net

    “Choosing Lifetime Homes is a lifestyle choice. Our homes offer a uniqueness and quality that reflect the individual – not standard. We specialize in building Tuscan style homes inside the loop to serve Houston’s finest elite population.”

    What a joke. Disgusting.

  • The builder (although with tacky verbage) is just providing what the market is demanding. Don’t hate the player, hate the game.
    Other than a disproportionate amount of swampers and a few “If I didn’t get an Art History degree I could afford this house” people, I haven’t heard anyone really wanting an old house. Vast majority of new home buyers want new, fresh, and useful.

  • This has to be tear-down of the year just because it has everything! It’s like a Michael Bay directed preservationist drama.
    In the middle of a land surrounded by towering ToHos lies a little century-old dollhouse, razed only to be replaced by a group of Foley-Belsaw School of Architecture Tuscans, built by a suburban company laughably named Lifetime Homes. A company that makes self-proclaimed unique(like everyone else) homes for Houston’s “elite” but who for some reason opted out of better living in River Oaks, Downtown or hell even Memorial… the Audi-elites basically. Someone must be trolling.

  • @Commonsense–I think that your statement is completely inaccurate. I know a handful of people who have been trying to buy an old home, but these properties are often on the market for less than a day before getting snatched up–sometimes by people who want to own an old home, but often by builders who are the only ones who can pay cash for these properties. I don’t know about this one in particular, but in many cases if sellers held out for just a couple of weeks they could surely find someone who would be willing to preserve it.

  • T, why should sellers hold out when someone has come to the door with $600k for their house? There are very few people who would spend that much for a smallish house in that neighborhood.