Headlines: East End’s Graffiti Milestone; Downtown Foley’s Retail Innovations

Photo of Bob Casey Federal Courthouse at Smith and Rusk: Bob Barfield via Swamplot Flickr Pool

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  • I was involved in the design of this channel project 9 years ago. Phase 1 north of San Felipe was constructed with little impact to the public. HCFCD held back on Phase 2 until the issue with San Felipe and Westheimer was resolved. After plenty of investigation and research, there was really no way to construct these channel improvements without impacting traffic. What you’ll see this weekend is pretty much the grin-and-bear-it approach. It will be hell, but while the road is closed, the work can move faster.

    Just steer clear of that whole area!!!!!

    Benefits of the project outside of improved drainage is the additional green space added. The channel is currently a failed concrete lined channel. The improvements will be 2 large 12×10 box culverts squeezed into limited right of way with an active rail road and high voltage power lines.

  • P.S. Check out HCFCD.org for more info. They have all the details on this project.

  • @kjb434: Thanks for the insight. I had been wondering if there were any real benefits to the work, or if this was just a “shovel-ready” stimulus project.