Macy’s Downtown: While Supplies Last!

MACY’S DOWNTOWN: WHILE SUPPLIES LAST! A Macy’s spokesperson tells Nancy Sarnoff that after 66 years on Main St. the department store will be locking up for good “probably Saturday.” As Kenneth Franzheim’s former Foley’s awaits an expected demolition, Sarnoff reports a rather unglamorous retail experience inside: “Only two floors in the 10-story building were open Monday. The first housed the store’s remaining merchandise. It included everything from dishes to fur coats, but the pickings were slim. . . . The second level had furniture and fixtures. Everything was for sale, including lighted display cabinets, mannequins and cardboard boxes for holding small pieces of jewelry.” [Prime Property; previously on Swamplot] Photo: Jim Parsons

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  • Houston just won’t be the same without Foley’s (or even Macy’s, if you insist); the easiest place inside the loop to shop.

  • A beautiful building. I would be great if someone could….never mind.

  • Despite Franzheim’s YMCA and Foley’s bldg demo’s; it should be of note that 1300 Main St. is currently undergoing a complete interior renovation along with some minor upkeep of the exterior.

  • While I hate to see us not have a major department store downtown, it is a pleasure to see another Franzheim building being torn down. He should not be remembered as a positive influence in Houston architecture.

  • I got mine…cleaned up on men’s clothing about a month ago…got some bad-A suits and formal wear for cheap.

  • My aunt worked at Foleys for more than 30 years and retired well into her 70s. She will be 90 in June. She started as the manager of the pet store – yes, Foleys had a pet store – and ended her career as manager of stereos (remember them?) and electronics. Back in the 60s, she appeared on the front page of The Houston Chronicle with a parrot on her shoulder in a feature story about the pet store.

  • This story would only be truly news-worthy if it was about a new Houston development or building that DIDN’T suck. Still waiting.