Headlines: Ellington Field Shooting for Space; A Midtown ‘Comeback’

Photo of Buffalo Bayou: Russell Hancock via Swamplot

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  • Rock on, Exxon-Mobil! All that fracking gas creating more jobs.

  • Smart move by Exxon and good for them. For those with the expertise to refine heavy oil like the tar sands stuff that will come via the Keystone XL will stand to profit since that type of oil is sold to refiners at a discount.

    But at this point and for a decade to come, gas is much, much more discounted per MMBtu than heavy oil. Much, much cheaper raw material + Exxon’s expertise and only slightly higher processing costs and selling refined products on the market for the same price as other refineries = big profits for Exxon.

  • A delayed coker is what they have built and allows them to refine low grade oil, and oil sands. They buy oil sands for price of West Texas Intermediate minus $25. All of the majors have a delayed coker now, Exxon, Valero, Motiva (shell), Total…