Headlines: Galveston’s Maceo House Sells; Houston’s Store of Grocery Stores Expands

Photo of Buffalo Bayou: elnina via Swamplot Flickr Pool

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  • If CoH wants to get involved, it should just annex the Cimmaron UD.

  • The city has streets with deferred repairs, parks with deferred maintenance, and yet we can rebate $1 million to profitable companies that aren’t even building within the city limits.

  • The trash collection in this city is terrible. They routinely ignore COH official trash bags for yard clippings when they are supposed to collect them. I’ve even seen them bypass my entire block during heavy trash day, forcing my entire street to haul heavy trash items back to the house to hold onto them for another month. Pathetic.

  • @ Brian – just do what the folks on my block do…leave it out on the curb for the next month. I’ve seen mattresses, furniture, tree limbs, and much more rotting on the curb for weeks on end.

    IMHO the issue with COH garbage service is the plethora of complex regulations, coupled with putting enforcement in the hands of the truck drivers. I’ve encountered a few (including an intense shouting match with mine that I instigated in the middle of the street), and I’ve found them to be non-motivated government employees with little or no oversight, and a god complex. The guys that run my neighborhood repository (aka “dump”) are even worse.

  • So many new grocery store announcements, but still waiting on something east of downtown.

  • Most likely not the type of grocery store East Enders are wanting but a Joe V’s Smartshop is being proposed off Harrisburg @ Eastwood, according to Lovett Commercial.

  • The Costco article makes my blood boil.
    If you’re a city resident, call your city council person and tell them you’re fed up with this kind of cr@p:
    In no way do we need to give incentives for development like this! We already did that when we built the dog-gone not-needed freeway!This 380 agreement / developer welfare has to stop. It’s only more exacerbated when the area isn’t even in the city limits!
    And I thought the Heights Wal mart deal was bad. Bravo Houston city council for ‘one-upping’ yourself. To even bring this up at a council meeting is a travesty.

  • @DNAguy, with all due respect, this a perfect place to use “You Have No Power Here!” meme from lord of the rings.

  • The City tax rate is lower than some MUDs’, also, so that’s some tax incentive right there on annexation.

  • DNAGuy – you are absolutely right. Another giveaway of our tax dollars for nothing. Call/email the Council Members and tell them NO.

    Say NO to this Costco tax rebate. Say YES to auditing the other retail 380’s.

  • @commonsense

  • Seriously, the 380 agreements have to stop. Welfare for mega-corps, absolutely disgusting.