An ExxonMobil Campus Playground: TopGolf Building New Facility in Spring

You’ve got to make some divots before you can start replacing them: Construction will begin this week in Spring on another TopGolf in Houston. This 65,000-sq.-ft. bar, event venue, and aim-required golfing alley will be located on almost 11 acres at 560 Spring Park Blvd., a few miles south on I-45 of the coming-along-now ExxonMobil campus. In December, TopGolf opened its first Houston location at 1030 Memorial Brook Blvd. You can see more renderings of what to expect after the jump.


Renderings: TopGolf

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  • To clarify, this is further south along 45 next to the Gander Mountain 1 exit north of F.M. 1960 closer to Cypresswood. Not THAT far from the new Exxon campus, but not directly across the street either. Just wanted to get that out there as I was curious about this location, and did a quick search via. Google Maps.

  • My friends and I just went to Top Golf out in Katy for the first time on Saturday. The game itself is AWESOME. The service, I can say with certainty was the absolute worst I have ever had, anywhere.

    To sum it up, it was a clusterf%#k

    *Where to begin, they lost credit cards (not only that, they gave me another parties credit card, the guy saw them do this and he came up to me and asked me if that was his credit card and it was, they had told him that they lost his card).

    *They never brought water until two hours after we were there and after we requested about a five times.

    *They cleared our table when a full pitcher of sangria and beer was still on the table after only being there 25 minutes, as well as my coke that was full (by the way I wasn’t drinking this night since I was one of the DD’s).

    *They lost food orders over, and over and over again.

    *They brought pitchers of beer with no glasses.

    *Oh you ask for sliders (four for $12), what they don’t tell you is that they add $1 per slider for cheese and also $6 for bacon for all four. So sliders that were $12.00 are now $22.00, nowhere on the menu does it state any of this.

    *They over charged us for another hour, even though we purchased 4 hours total, two hours on two different bays (we had ten people, you can only have 5 on each bay)

    The thing that really irks me is that I never asked for any kind of discount or refund (other than the additional hours they charged us for) for such horrible service.

    I will say that the staff was very nice and considerate the entire time though.

  • I play actual round of golf at Hermann park often in the afternoons, it costs $17 and course is in great shape.

  • @Daniel I’m sorry you had bad service the one time you went, but I used to go to the Allen location up in Dallas all the time and never had service that bad. No need to completely knock Top Golf because you had one bad experience.
    I think this will be great…from what I hear the Katy location is always very full so this should take away a lot of traffic coming from the North and East side of town.

  • One bad experience is one too many for many consumers.

  • I’ve been twice, no issues either time. It’s overly expensive, but a fun time once or twice a year. I’d rather just play a round of golf, or hit the range, but it can be engaging for the whole family, where a round of golf usually doesn’t do that.
    It doesn’t surprise me they are expanding in Houston though. The one store here is their best store right now.

  • Great place! They keep building these things. It’s fun the play in the rain as the heat tapers off quite nicely. Wish we had room for this in-town. I was working in North Dallas and the one in Allen was my first visit. The waitress told me that they might lose their liquor license due to Sales guys teeing off at 11am…of course.

  • Astrodome should be converted to a topgolf Center. Boom!