Headlines: Maggie Rita’s Closed on Kirby; Houston Loses the Moon

Video: Golden Spike

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  • Good riddance to Maggie Ritas.. Hope Carlos Mencia takes a huge financial loss on that too, the sexist pig.

  • I am betting that that Ninfa’s location at Kirby and Richmond is going to turn into a new restaurant death trap. It has all the makings of a cursed location.

  • Ninfa’s worked so well at that location for so many years, and Mencia comes in and manages to run it into the ground before he even was able to get a permanent “Maggie Rita’s” sign put up there? He needs to stay the heck away from restaurants.
    I’ve always disliked the guy because he would take someone else’s jokes, alter them slightly (usually ruining them in the process) then claim them as his own. He apparently is trying that strategy with Mexican restaurants: takes a good one, ruins it, and calls it his own. Here’s hoping he’s bankrupt by this time next year.