Daily Demolition Report: The End of Pleasures

And the beginning of something completely different.


Commercial Structures


Photo of 3727 S. Braeswood Blvd.: HAR

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  • So, any Oak Forrest residents out there? I was wondering whether builders are just buying up everything that comes on the market or are they making cold solicitations to homeowners? I looked at moving to Oak Forrest a few years ago and remember seeing new construction here and there. I drove around the neighborhood a few weeks ago and it looks like someone is building a new subdivision but didn’t notice that people were still living there.

  • That’s the bummer about living in an established (old) neighborhood inside the loop. New construction noise & hassles. If you moved to a new suburb you would see a finite date to the new construction. Those of us in these older and desirable neighborhoods will never see and end to it all.

  • Dang, I lived there in the 50s and hate to see it all be bulldozed. We kept the house in the family until the early 2000s when my aunt died.

  • We live in the neighborhood in an un-renovated 1940 house. Thus far, no one has directly solicited us. Although we do get plenty of generic “if you want to sell, call us” flyer/junk mail. Maybe that is the solicitation?

  • I don’t understand all the nostalgia surrounding Oak Forest for the most part. Many of the homes in the neighborhood aren’t well kept (one we considered when looking for something to renovate was so filthy and half torn apart on the interior that I was shocked people had recently been living in it) and I don’t see any architectural value in them either. I understand that many people feel the exact same way about the new houses, but I’ll take living next to a McMansion over my neighbor down the street whose yard is always a mess and whose house is dilapidated and falling apart. I can’t WAIT until someone buys it tears it down.

  • That house is located on South Brasewood like 2 or 3 blks east of Steall Link in Link Wood not Oak Forest. Sad to nice homes from the 50s to early 60s being torn down Houston has failed at saving hold homes and building

  • houses built after WWII were built to fail, and by fail I mean have a 50 year life. Guess what anniversary it is this year?

    they were thrown together with less structural integrity to meet the demands of a swelling population.

    aside from this, families today are not geared or interested in operating with 4 people and ONE toilet.

    these were not architectural masterpieces of their time, and so this is not sad. it’s fantastic if people want to celebrate the moment in time (see timbergrove, that sorta ghetto down by Hobby Airport) and go with the cold war vibe, but it’s also ridiculous to think people will jump all over tiny kitchens and closets with today’s world.

  • Does anyone that’s making negative comments on this thread live in OF??? I certainly hope not, as a resident of the neighborhood for the last ten years, I wouldn’t want to have you as a neighbor. Happy Holidays!