Headlines: Metro’s New Bus Plan; The Score Next Door

Photo of the Chevron building at 1400 Smith: Bill Barfield via Swamplot Flickr Pool

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  • Retail under US-59?

    Perhaps a great idea if it is developed correctly. I see possibilities for an interesting “night market”, similar to what they have in Asia, under either US-59 or I-45 (with the added benefit of driving away the homeless). Another idea is to create more of a more permanent farmers market. Both would be rather inexpensive to develop and provide some entertainment value to the central city.

  • The most important question is would the proposed retail under 59 include a Bork?

  • I’d rather see parking garages under 45 and 59 than retail. I’d rather not have to worry about car fires and 18-wheeler accidents on the roof of my building. The insurance costs would be incredible.
    Tens of thousands of parking spaces could be made under 45 and 59. Vast quantities of free, or very cheap, parking would reduce the demand for surface parking in the Downtown area. Owners of empty lots would be more inclined to develop the empty lots if drivers were no longer willing to pay $10 to $20 per car for every sporting event. For $1 parking I’d be willing to walk half a dozen blocks or hop on the light rail to get to my destination. Direction way finding for parking for out-of-town visitors would be easy–“park under the freeway.” Developers would gain an advantage as supplying parking levels would no longer be a given necessity of building in Downtown Houston. Even typical parking garage congestion come rush hour wouldn’t be an issue due to the linear nature the 45 and 59 garages would have to take. Multiple entrances and exits could face Pierce and Chartres with dedicated right-of-way lanes to the street. Line the lengthy parking garages with a spine of moving sidewalks so “prime” parking spots are minimized. You’ll always be five minutes from a rail stop.

  • converting the space into something other than parking, that looks cool and a logiocal use of space..soo never gonna happen in houston

  • @ Thomas (#3)
    Apparently you haven’t noticed …. there is already parking lots under both US-59 and I-45. Many use both those under US-59 when there is a game at Minute Maid or during working hours (I-45 near Louisiana St.) and these lots are full, but generally at NIGHT they are not …. hense my thoughts of a night market.
    Think big my friends ….

  • An outdoor flea market under the freeway would be super cool. The new Houston Club looks like a student interior design project.

  • converting these areas into retail, park\jogging areas, food truck parkings wd be great for merging downtown w/ midtown and eado. yes, they are used as unsightly parking areas during the day, and act somewhat as a menacing barrier b/w downtown and neighboring areas. I don’t think I’ve seen trailer trucks or cars on fire go off of the freeways and land on streets beneath. If so, I wd think being directly underneath the freeway wd be protected — unless the burning car went through the freeway. On another note, I go to sporting events downtown and just to go out — anyone who knows downtown knows not to ever pay for parking after 6pm (use the meter if early) and on weekends. You can walk a few blocks away and not have to bother with traffic

  • Where do you park for the night market?

  • I say we tear them down they are a barrier to the synergy of Downtown and surrounding neighborhoods. http://www.preservenet.com/freeways/FreewaysCheonggye.html
    the link shows how Seoul transformed an elevated freeway into a “river”. Imagine I-45 relocated underground and a new “oxbow” for buffalo bayou in its place with Pierce and Gray on either side. I know it’ll never happen but it sure would be nice. Interested in feed back about the link even if its just a pie in the sky.peace

  • Thomas, it’s ideas like yours that prevent Houston from moving forward and becoming a great city.