Daily Demolition Report: The Butterfly Slip

If they just fly away, we won’t have to crush them.



Photo of 12826 Butterfly Ln.: HAR

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  • I wish someone could make money dismantling houses like 12826 Butterfly Lane, and then selling them as kits to build somewhere else. Or something else to save the house when a buyer wants a McMansion on the lot. Breaks my heart to think of a backhoe going through such a great Mod.

  • That’s the point ZAW there’s no demand for that, there’s no money in it, hence there’s no value in it. The desire for these homes only comes from people who cannot or are not willing to pay for it.

  • ^Agreed. And the home looked decent, interior and exterior. The listing mentioned “quaint,” though, which is a nail in the coffin in Memorial Bend:

    “Charming mid century modern in one of the most coveted communities in Houston. The interior was just freshened up to make it move in ready. Paint, bathroom tile, hardware, light fixtures, bathroom fixtures. Move quickly if you want your chance at this quaint home zoned to highly coveted schools.”

  • It may be a ‘great Mod’, but several large trees are way too close, and there are likely terminal foundation issues.

  • True, Commonsense. That said, Lauren hit he nail on the head in mentioning that the word “quaint” did the house in. “Quaint” means small, which simply will not do in that neighborhood.
    I think the people who really love and restore Mods, are increasingly priced out of Memorial Bend. They’re going instead to places like Glenbrook Valley or Westbury; and some of them to Sharpstown or Spring Branch, to find Mods they can afford to fix up,

  • :(
    It has great potential.

  • What’s the cost of salvaged bricks vis-a-vis new ones? Any idea?