Headlines: More La Madeleines for Houston; Montrose’s Worst Potholes

Photo of I-10 near Downtown East at Gessner: elnina via Swamplot Flickr Pool

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  • It took them over a decade to fix San Felipe and even longer to fix Kirby, Montrose can tighten’s it’s sphincter and wait a little longer, y’all ain’t special.

  • It’s pretty shocking to me how bad some busy roads are in Montrose.

  • The mess that is Greenbriar in front of Roberts Elementary is amazing. And it has been like that for 15+ years. Though it did get even worse the last few years.

    Richmond is also a huge turd. I think it must have been backburned for the last few years in hopes that the metrorail would happen and salvation would come. Since that is all but dead, maybe it should move up the list too.

  • The big problem is that the city is not “repairing” but instead is “patching”. Patches are only a short-time fix. When the city comes out and re-patches, it just makes things worse. Its odd how areas of South Hampton, River Oaks and other “well to do” subdivisions get their streets completely rebuilt when their streets were not as in bad as condition as many of the Montrose streets. Try driving down the 1700 Block of West Main or Colquit….its unbelievably bad, as many of the other streets in this area.

  • As a parent of students at Roberts Elementary, I both dislike and love the condition of Greenbriar. I hate it because it is awful for our cars. But I love it because it calms the traffic considerably and forces drivers to pay attention – we all fear the speeding that will occur when it is nicely reconstructed. We have been told that if Greenbriar makes it to the city list this year, we should expect the start of construction planning in 2017. Who knows if the current street will last until then!

  • @ commonsense, man I think it took 2 decades to fix san felipe. this city uses crappy roads to keep speeds low, especially around schools and shopping areas.

  • Can I copyright the term “entropy speed bumps?”

  • If they ever repair the roads in montrose like we all want there will still be people bitching that the construction is either taking too long or causing more traffic.

  • what’s shocking to me is the metro buses, who are one of the primary causes of our torn up roads, even started changing lanes and swerving around potholes a few years back. this way the whole road ends up torn up rather than just the one lane, thanks Metro.

  • and also, wasn’t Aldi’s in the Houston area back in the early 90’s? Thought i remember a grocery store boom back then with Food Town moving into stinkadena and everything. i was 10 and in the burbs so can’t recall though.

  • I drove on Westheimer from Montrose to Kirby on Saturday. It reminded me of streets in rural towns in Mexico, but without the “topes”.
    Meanwhile, if you go to the NW side of Harris County, you will find brand new concrete roads as smooth as glass in the Cy-Fair area. I’m glad the county collects property tax revenue from everyone in the city, and then only spends it in unincorporated areas.

  • You folks need better cars.

  • It is perplexing to me that Aldi will be opeing 30 stores, operating 7 days/week and they intned to employ 13 employees per store. Somehow this seems extremely light on the number of workers but, maybe that is how they will keep the costs down…?

  • KevPat, I’ve seen some Aldi stores in the Midwest, and they are pretty small, kind of like a Dollar General size. It is a very low cost, low overhead concept. Not sure how it will fly in Houston, but I think your employee math is correct.

  • Kitty litter and Elmers Glue sprayed on to a street pothole is in no way a fix.

  • That photo looks like I-10 West at Beltway 8 to me, not near downtown at all.

  • If the Public Works Department of the City of Houston fixed a street properly one time, it would eliminate patching it dozens of times….think of the tax money it would save too…

  • Aldi’s is a bag your own, cash or credit card only store. They share the same parent company as Trader Joe’s, so that should give you an idea of the selection–there really isn’t any. My sister in Chicago loves them for their flavored Irish Cream liquers, those are some items that can’t make it to Houston stores.

  • “That photo looks like I-10 West at Beltway 8 to me, not near downtown at all.”

    Yup. Gessner exit, heading east.