Headlines: New Moon, Asteroid Missions for NASA; Feral Hogs Running Clear Lake Subdivision

Photo of Gables Tanglewood: Russell Hancock via Swamplot Flickr Pool

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  • The feral hog story continues…
    Only hinterland suburbanites are concerned about them and want to annihilate them. But we should give the pigs a break and appreciate their beneficial activities.
    For generations they ruled the bottomlands, finding plenty to eat to sustain a growing population.
    First let loose by early farmers to consume the autumn acorn crop, some strayed permanently and did fine, eating roaches, moles and all kinds of snakes. Also their rooting supresses growth of thickets, maintaining pastureland.
    Now homeowners living at the edges of natural bottomlands are mad! While they lay out sod lawns hosting juicy grubs (must be like marshmallows to pigs) they’re upset by the mess created by porcine diners.

  • @#2

    It is not only suburbanites that are having problems with wild hogs.

    Many counties in central Texas are now paying bounties on hog tails or pairs of ears. One pays a whopping 10 bucks each.

    But you probably know that. It’s difficult to discern some tongue in cheek posts on a computer screen. There’s no smile or raised eyebrow or even a glint in the eye.

  • Movocelot, I don’t know of any rancher or farmer that thinks feral hogs are beneficial. They tear up pasture, destroy fences, and predate small animals, including the occasional calf. For the suburban folks, I highly recommend getting a crossbow.

  • Feral hogs are an introduced, non native species that should not be in the food chain at all.